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Thy Will be Done

Tyler wrote this song in February 2012 and sang it at the BFA talent show.   The video is not great because I was nervous and my hand was shaking.

Verse: I was walking down the road alone, when the light breeze I felt turned into a hurricane, I ran for shelter, I got on my knees and I asked God why, but I didn’t get an answer. The hurricane it went right on, and every day, I found out there was another one, All these trouble, all these pains, is there any way for them to go away?

Chorus: My dreams can be broken, and crushed down, and taken away, I can have troubles, and hard times and pain every day, But even in torment and trials, I will still give praise, And even if these hardships, never go away, My faith it will remain.

Verse: I know that everything it happens for a reason, but why me, why now, why here? Will I see all these questions answered? Lord are you hearing my prayer?

Chorus: repeat. Bridge: Lord, take my pains, throw them far away, lift me up high, put me on your wings, let me be free, and soar through the air, But your will be done everywhere. Chorus: repeat.

Thy Will Be Done2 from Debbie Kramlich on Vimeo.

The Pilgrim Fathers

 I just finished reading Henri Nouwen’s book The Pilgrim Fathers.  He addresses three principles that the monastic fathers followed that he recommended for today’s busy society:  solitude, silence and prayer.  As I read the book, my hunger grew for quiet and solitude, but I was a bit disturbed by a reference to a man known as St. Anthony the “father of the monks.”   He withdrew into the desert for 20 years into complete solitude.   After he emerged from this time, “people recognized in him the qualities of an authentic ‘healthy’ man.   While I agree that solitude is important, what is a Mom to do??  Often I think to myself, if I could just get away from people, life would be easier.  Is escape from everyone, really the answer?  This summer, I had the privilege to visit a dear friend that kept my schedule free to allow me time and space to think and pray.  During this time, I felt refreshed and invigorated and ready to go home.  Now a few months later, I am in the midst of the business and craziness.  What can I learn from Nouwen?  I do not nor should I leave my family for years. . . yet, a bit of silence each day is important.  Another thing to consider is what is keeping me from my silence and is this thing essential, or what should I cut back?

Getting things done with little ones around is challenging!!

Here is a blog that encouraged me and took away some guilt:  Your children want you!.