Back Home (Sweden)

This summer our family had the privilege to go back to Holsby and help out with a German family camp.  We had a wonderful time (in fact, it was really hard to leave).  It was a blessing to connect with so many people and see so many friends.  One letter that I got shortly before we arrived in Holsby said,

“I do pray your time in Sweden will be a time of excitement as you reconnect with friends and remember all the wonderful relationships you have here. Your family has been a lighthouse to so many people in the community for many years. I still have people stop me (when they find out we live in Holsby and speak English) to ask how you all are doing. I’m sure you will be reminded of that while you are here.”

We were so blessed by all the invitations we got and everyone we were able to connect with.  I was surprised at how much I still felt connected and loved by so many.  Our kids were thrilled to be able to do the climbing wall and ropes course at the Torchbearer school where we had worked for many years.  During our trip, we were also able to connect with several friends who are hurting and struggling.  We were thankful that we could be there at this specific time to encourage them.

It was a blessed gift from God that we were able to go and we already look forward to our next visit.  Todd will be teaching at Holsby the beginning of December on Christ in the Old Testament.  He is planning on taking Joya with him.

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