Just last week, I got an invitation–hand-written addressed:  “Dear Tott”  It was a girl that has been coming to our youth cafe, but attends a different church in our area.  She wanted me to be present at her baptism.  I was honored to be invited and am excited to be a witness to her new step of faith that she is taking.  It is a blessing to be able to witness God at work in many young people’s lives.  I love that our church has a large youth center and that it is available for all youth to come in Kandern.  Recently we have been encouraging BFA kids to also attend (it requires a bit of courage especially if your German is weak!).  Yet, our youth center is called, “Connexion” and I pray that it will be a place of true “connecting” where different cultures and come together where barriers are broken and people truly can enjoy fellowship together.

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