Three Little Pigs (Shakespeare)

Since we have three languages that we use in our family, it is especially interesting for us to see that there are several versions of English. In fact, often in Europe we should not say that we speak English, rather we speak American. This video shows the difference.

Parody of Modern Worship Service

Another youtube clip we have watched more times than we can count. . .

Shallow Small Groups

We love watching this clip because we know this scenario too well. Todd and I are both introverts and prefer one on one conversation that goes deep rather than a large gathering.

Sad Meals

This is an old story but a good one.  Normally when we eat at McDonalds, we do not buy Happy Meals.  The price is just too much, so we all get a hamburger from the dollar menu and share drinks.   Having a Happy Meal is a real treat for our kids, maybe a once a year experience.

One night we stopped at Mc Donald’s for hamburgers, and Ian offered to pray.  He had earlier asked for a Happy Meal, but we told him we were just going for the burgers tonight.

He bowed his head and said, “Dear God, Thanks for the Sad Meal. Amen.”

At least he was thankful . . .

The most beautiful McDonald’s sign I have ever seen. . . Salzburg, Austria.   

Mom Mom, she’s the Bomb

So this little rap made my day. . . and I will continue to watch it for encouragement.  The best part is being able to do this together with Todd.