Gracelyn Discovers Nutella

Gracelyn discovers Nutella from Debbie Kramlich on Vimeo.

Kids Flip Out

On the beach. . .

Kids flip out at beach from Debbie Kramlich on Vimeo.

Avoiding Bed

Ian and Joya rewrote the words to a song in an attempt to be able to stay up later that night! (It worked!).

Avoiding Bed from Debbie Kramlich on Vimeo.

Recorder Trio–Share Conference

Tyler had 5 years of recorder lessons and then started teaching his siblings. Here are Tyler, Ian and Joya playing at Share Conference 2008.

Ian juggle soccer ball

Here Ian is practicing juggling the ball. . . I think he gets 121 times.

Ian juggles ball from Debbie Kramlich on Vimeo.

Gracelyn sings Adele

Joya has been practicing an Adele song with violin and voice and Gracelyn has been listening. . . we caught her singing her own version of Adele. . .

Gracelyn sings Adele from Debbie Kramlich on Vimeo.

Joyful Joyful

Tyler sang at the FES Projekttage in a Gospel Choir.

Joyful Joyful–Tyler at FES from Debbie Kramlich on Vimeo.

Tree of Majesty

Here is another song that Tyler wrote in Spring of 2010 call Tree of Majesty.

Thy Will be Done

Tyler wrote this song in February 2012 and sang it at the BFA talent show.   The video is not great because I was nervous and my hand was shaking.

Verse: I was walking down the road alone, when the light breeze I felt turned into a hurricane, I ran for shelter, I got on my knees and I asked God why, but I didn’t get an answer. The hurricane it went right on, and every day, I found out there was another one, All these trouble, all these pains, is there any way for them to go away?

Chorus: My dreams can be broken, and crushed down, and taken away, I can have troubles, and hard times and pain every day, But even in torment and trials, I will still give praise, And even if these hardships, never go away, My faith it will remain.

Verse: I know that everything it happens for a reason, but why me, why now, why here? Will I see all these questions answered? Lord are you hearing my prayer?

Chorus: repeat. Bridge: Lord, take my pains, throw them far away, lift me up high, put me on your wings, let me be free, and soar through the air, But your will be done everywhere. Chorus: repeat.

Thy Will Be Done2 from Debbie Kramlich on Vimeo.

Jesus Christ

Here is a song Tyler wrote in the US in 2009.  He and Joya sang it at a Family Camp in Interlachen, Switzerland.

You’re looking for a way to get rid of your sin,
but you don’t find anything to take it away.
You feel the guilt that is burning inside,
the one thing you need is Jesus Christ.

I said, “Jesus Christ,” I said, “Jesus Christ.”

Jesus Christ, the one who took your sins away.
Jesus Christ, the one who died on the cross for you.
Jesus Christ, the one who took your sins away.
Jesus Christ, the one who really loves you.

(Don’t turn your back, don’t reject the love of Jesus Christ).

You feel like there’s no purpose in life
Your heart feels empty and you’re broken inside.
So let me tell you about Jesus Christ.
He’s the one who is all the purpose in life.

(Chorus & Verse sung together)

Jesus Christ from Debbie Kramlich on Vimeo.