Todd August



Birthday:  May 19, 1964

LIKES: Mountain-biking, baseball, dirt-bikes, motorcycles, volleyball, basketball, dinner out with the wife sans kids, people, sitting on the balcony and watching the sunset, kids running to the door to greet him when he comes home.

DISLIKES: Complaining and criticism

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Doing a practicum for counseling in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Todd was born on May 19, 1964 in the state of Washington. He grew up in Stanwood around 1½ hours north of Seattle. An avid dirt bike fan, his family spent most of their vacations camping and racing dirt bikes (including his mom). He is the middle of three boys and was relieved when his family quit going to church after his grandmother moved away when he was eight or nine. During high school he experimented with drugs and alcohol. One night at football game he passed out because of too much alcohol and the police dragged him down the steps of the stadium and across the length of the football field. This experience shook him up and he started wondering what life was all about. At the same time he was invited to a church youth group by a friend and began regularly attending church. After four months he made a decision to follow Jesus and hasn’t looked back since. His parents said that at this point he made a 180-degree turn-around in his life.

He went to school for computer programming and worked as a programmer for two years before going back to college. While at George Fox College in Oregon he heard about a Torchbearer Bible school in Germany, Bodenseehof, where he could get intense Bible training for one year and receive college credit as well. He went in 1986 and it changed his life. While in Germany he did a lot of outreach in German schools using drama and pantomime. In 1987 he went to Columbia Bible College in South Carolina and completed a BS in Bible in 1989. He then went back to his home church, Camano Chapel on Camano Island, WA and worked as an intern pastor—four months under each pastor (head, assistant, and youth). While back in Washington, Bodenseehof contacted him and asked if he would be willing to come back and work as the Resident Assistant in the guys’ dorm. He returned to B’hof for one year and then came back to the States where he married Debbie Samworth and moved to Columbia, South Carolina. There he served as the supervisor of the circulation desk in the library and did his MA in Bible. Bodenseehof then invited him to come and work on permanent staff as a resident lecturer. He worked there for four years as Dean of Students and then was asked to move to Sweden and serve as principal of the Torchbearer Bible school there, Holsby Brunn. He served as principal from 1997-2008, and now is working part-time as youth pastor in the FEG Kandern as well as part-time with TeachBeyond with Member Care and itinerant speaking.

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