In case you want to send us a package or gift, click here for suggestions, ideas and directions.

We are blessed to have supporters from 4 different countries and excited to offer you these options below.

If you would like to support us regularly or with a one-time gift, follow the instructions for your country.  The “Read Me First” document explains how to support by check, automatic withdrawal or on-line donation by  PayPal.

We recommend the automatic withdrawal option as it is the easiest and most cost-efficient.

All support from the following countries will be given a tax-deductible receipt.

America Read Me First

America Fillable Pledge/Automatic Withdrawal Form

America Static Pledge/Automatic Withdrawal Form 


Canada Read Me First 

Canada Fillable Pledge/Automatic Withdrawal Form 

Canada Static Pledge/Automatic Withdrawal Form 


Online Giving Options: 

   America Online Giving

   Canada Online Giving


Giving Information: 

  Giving from Germany

 Giving from the UK


Our Furnace: 

As of July 2013, our furnace is paid in full!

Our family quit their cleaning position and we are enjoying a little more breathing room in our daily lives.  We have 2 additional prayer requests pertaining to the furnace.

1. Due to extra gifts for the furnace that came in as salary, we owe additional German taxes that we were not expecting.  Pray that God will provide this need.

2. We have 2 children living in one room in the attic, but it still has a lot of finishing left to do and the other room is unfinished.  We would love to finish off the attic and are always grateful for any help we can get.  If you would like to help us out, please let us know.  The children enjoy having guests stay with us.



TeachBeyond is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).




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