Go with your gut!

Monday night.  Todd takes up to 7 kids with him to play basketball at BFA.  It’s half court so the kids have one side of the gym to themselves.  Since we live on a very steep hill, this gives them a great chance to run around.  Levi kicked a ball which hit Gracelyn’s wrist perfectly.  She cried just for 3 or 4 minutes (super high pain tolerance), but Todd knew the cry–the broken bone cry.  A sharp squeal, a bit of sweat on the brow. . . yup, that cry.  That night, she bumped her wrist again and gave the same cry.  There  was no swelling or redness, and she was still using her arm. . . but we knew. . . Todd loaded up Gracelyn (and Joya and Ian who insisted on coming to help!) and off they went to the hospital where literally “everybody knows our name.”  (We have spent over 60 days in the hospital since the fall of 2009 and most of the time in this particular one).

The doctor examined Gracelyn who was moving her arm and hand freely and did not even squeal once.  Todd held his ground, looked square at the doctor and said, “She had a different cry.”  The doctor relented and said, “Well, to make you feel better, we will X-ray her.”  With a sheepish look, he came back 10 minutes later with the X-ray.  Sure enough, a small fracture.   Gracelyn got a pink cast, lots of love, and we were in and out in 90 minutes in the ER.

This photo is from another time I listened to my gut and took Gracelyn into the hospital for a second opinion!  She has surgery the next day for an abscess!  


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