Remember the RV

2013-08-09 01.57.5518 months ago our family did a whirlwind trip through the US.  We had been planning it for a year and wanted to see as many supporters of ours as we could, plus it had been four years since our family had been back.  We put the word out that we were coming and were honestly shocked at how many responded!  REALLY?  THAT many people were willing to host our family of 9???

Wow.  It was exciting to see God orchestrate our journey and everything come together.  Three weeks before Todd left, almost everything was in place.   He was going to take a few counseling classes first before the family joined him.  I wrote the rental agency where we had reserved a van 10 months previously to ask how Todd should pick up our van.  It had been a LOT of work to find a vehicle large enough that we could take all over the US that was also in our budget, but this was the very first item that I had  done.

I was stunned when I got the reply, “We no longer have that van available.  It has been out of service for 4 months.”  I remained calm while I asked about a replacement and what they were going to do to help us out.  After all, we had purchased our international tickets to and from Philadelphia counting on this van.

“We have nothing else.  You will have to look for something.”

“WHAT???”  I was stunned.  They had known for four months, not contacted us and now told us they could not help us out.

I really lost it.  I could not believe that the days of planning and organizing were now for naught and we no longer had a vehicle.   Todd was flying in 2 weeks and we were supposed to start our trip in 4 weeks.   I really felt that God had forgotten about our family.  I also did not have the faith that God could provide something for us in 2 weeks. . . What were we going to do?

The emails, letters, Facebook pleas, calls all brought about no leads.  We did not have the money for a vehicle purchase.   I felt desperate and scared and angry.  Suddenly, I remembered that I was part of a forum for large families and put our request out there as well–at least I knew these families had larger cars!

Unexpectedly we got an email from a family in Georgia who had an RV (Yup, an RV.  Exactly what we had wanted for our family to travel in, not a van).  They had seven kids as well and felt the Lord nudging them to loan it to us.  Hmmm, but the RV was in Georgia.  How were we going to pick it up?  Once again, God worked out the details.  The father of the RV drove it up to us in PA and flew up at the end of the summer and picked it up.  He did not know us, but God moved his heart to help.

The RV was an amazing reminder to us the entire summer of God’s provision, above and beyond what we had expected.  It made our trip much easier and gave a kids a place to sleep and hang out so as not to overwhelm our guests with all 9 of us.

As we look ahead to transitioning to Thailand, I am again fearful, not trusting, not seeing how God can work out all of these details.  We need to sign up our kids for German school and pay a large registration fee per child (5,000 dollars per child for tuition).  We do not have this right now.  I panicked last night, unsure as to how this is going to work, not trusting.

But then I remembered the RV, my panic and fear and lack of trust . . . and looked back and saw how God provided just at the right time.

Please pray for our family to remember what God has done and how he has provided for us the last 21 years and that we will simply trust Him to provide for us today.

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