Remembering Puschel

On our way up and back from Sweden, we were privileged to have a few days at the Holmer’s home.  Can you tell by our kids’ faces that they had a great time?  We got to know the Holmer’s through their daughter Puschel (Lydia) who was in our family group in Sweden in 2004-5.  She loved the Lord with her whole heart and we were privileged to know her.  Puschel contracted bone cancer in 2007 and passed away this last February.  Her Dad (in the picture) wrote a precious blog of Puschel’s struggle and of his love for his daughter.  I was blessed every time I read the blog and heard of their trust in the Lord in spite of very difficult circumstances.

We took something of Puschel’s back to Kandern with us–4 chinchillas.  Tyler has assumed responsibility for them and is thrilled for the first time in his life to have his own pets.  We did make quite the sight driving from northern Germany to the very south of Germany with 7 kids, 4 chinchillas, 4 bikes, 9 sleeping bags and pillows and our luggage, and as many treats as possible that we could fit in from Sweden.

But most of all, our family was renewed and encouraged by our brief time with the Holmers.  The last 5 years have been very challenging and stressful with Puschel’s fight against cancer and her home-going this past February.  Yet, I was so blessed to see the Holmer’s acceptance of Puschel’s passing and their continued joy in life.  There was no bitterness or self-pity, but just peace.  This enabled them to simply love our family and our kids.  As we were leaving, our kids begged us to go back again and stay longer. . . Times like this and friends like the Holmers make Germany feel like home for us.  Thank you for a blessed stay.


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